NEWARK - Officials at the Transportation Security Administration say they know lines at airport security are long and that they are working on ways to alleviate the problem.

The TSA says that it will hire more security officers and ask Congress for permission to pay workers overtime. The agency will ask airlines and airports to take on some of the non-security work, which would free up TSA agents.

The TSA also says that some of the responsibility for the efficiency of airport security falls on passengers.

At Newark Liberty International Airport, TSA officials held a special demonstration to show how passengers with unauthorized materials in their carry-on bags can cause delays in security.

“If you are waiting in a long line at TSA, check your bag to make sure you don’t have a prohibited item,” says TSA Regional Spokesperson Mark Howell.

Items like water bottles, hairspray, scissors and weapons are not allowed to be carried on to planes. Laptop computers typically need to be taken out of carry-on bags and screened separately.

Officials say that getting rid of prohibited items before a passenger reaches the security screener will save on time and frustration.

The TSA also encourages more people to sign up for the PreCheck program, which allows those eligible to skip some of the security steps and get through the process faster.

TSA expects passenger volume to increase as the summer season begins.