NEWARK - The TSA gave a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to your checked baggage once you leave it at the check-in counter.

Bags are tagged and placed on a conveyor belt to join hundreds of other bags along their journey, according to Bruce Moore, of the TSA.
First stop is the CBIS room where it is checked for explosives. "The images we see here are very clear which means we can eliminate the threat right there," Moore says.
Each bag goes through one of nine massive X-ray machines which analyze and detect hazardous materials.

TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein says if something suspicious is detected, the conveyor belt drops and the bag and gets a second look by a TSA officer. 

The system is designed to increase safety and efficiency.  The TSA says less than 10 percent of bags are diverted. 

The ride from the check-in counter to the plane lasts about 20 minutes. Checked bags are scanned each step of the way to see where they are and who is handling them.

The baggage screening system at Terminal C can handle 644 pieces of luggage each hour. It has been in place for the last six months.