NEWARK - The Transportation Security Administration wants to educate passengers about the proper way to travel with firearms amid an uptick in the number of guns found in carry-ons.

According to the TSA, more than 2,600 guns were discovered inside carry-on luggage nationally. In the New York/New Jersey area, only 24 firearms were found, but that is double the number from 2014.

"People are showing up with firearms in their handbags, in their briefcases, in their duffle bags, in their knapsacks,” says TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

Officials say that in many cases the guns were still loaded and even had bullets in the chambers. 

"Odds are if you have a firearm at a checkpoint at one of the three major airports in the New York region, you most likely will get arrested,” Farbstein says.

However, firearms are not banned from being on airplanes. There are just certain rules and regulations travelers must follow to transport guns.

A firearm can never be transported inside a carry-on; it must be checked in. It also has to be unloaded and packed inside a hard case with bullets in the original box and then placed in the case next to the unloaded gun and locked.

There is also paperwork that must be filled out when transporting the weapon. The weapon will be stored in the cargo area of the plane. Travelers are not allowed to have firearms in the cabin of the plane.

Various airlines may have additional requirements for traveling with guns, so travelers are urged to check with their carrier before flying.