BERGEN COUNTY - A state trooper investigating a series of carjackings pulled out a gun and confronted a Bergen County officer at a traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The heated incident, which occurred in May, was caught on dash camera video released Thursday.

State police say they have been looking into carjackings in which the perpetrators posed as cops. The trooper in this case approached the plain-clothes officer, pulled a gun, and demanded identification.

Five minutes later, a Bergen County supervisor appeared on the scene, and the confrontation got even more intense.

The trooper eventually explained why he's gotten involved with the traffic stop, by saying, "Impersonators, a rash of them, three of them in the last month. Three of them in unmarked cars." He also told the officers that he's only been on the job for six months.

The superintendent of the state police is defending the trooper, saying he was justified in his actions because he hadn't been told county police would be stopping a vehicle on the Turnpike, which is state police jurisdiction.

The chief of Bergen County police says the county officers' actions have been reviewed and addressed, especially when it comes to interactions between uniformed officers and those in plain clothes.