FREEHOLD - A man who was already in jail for manslaughter is accused of plotting to kill the prosecutor assigned to his case. Opening statements began today with a recording of his conversation with another inmate.

In 2012, Jay Goldberg was convicted of killing a man with whom he operated a marijuana-growing facility. Later that year, an inmate in the Ocean County Jail told authorities Goldberg had solicited him from inside the jail to murder Supervising Ocean County Prosecutor Steven Cucci.

That inmate took the stand and described Goldberg's alleged plot. "He hated Steve Cucci, the prosecutor assigned to his case," says Assistant Prosecutor Jamie Schron. "He blamed Mr. Cucci for all of his problems."

Prosecutors say an undercover detective subsequently recorded incriminating phone conversations with Goldberg. There are also video recordings of Goldberg meeting in jail with a detective posing as a hit man with the Russian mafia. 

Goldberg is in jail serving a 20-year sentence for the death of his neighbor and is now charged with attempted murder and murder conspiracy.

The trial resumes Wednesday in Monmouth County.