HILLSBOROUGH - Two unknown people who walked into Hillsborough High School with the students Friday morning caused the school to go into lockdown and subsequently be dismissed early.

According to a letter sent to the parents, school officials put the school on a modified lockdown after they realized there were people in the school who did not belong there and called police.

Police K-9 units searched inside the school and the parking lot to make sure nothing dangerous was left behind. Students were sent home around 12 p.m. to enable the police to conduct a thorough search.

Hillsborough High students tell News 12 New Jersey that they knew that the two suspicious men did not belong at the school due to the baggy clothes they were wearing.

"I know my one friend in my grade, she was in the elevator because she hurt her knee. [The two men] were in the elevator also, and they were asking her ‘Why are you in the elevator like, you can take the stairs. Your knee's not messed up.’ So they were like, harassing her,” says Nicolette Macarazzo.

No dangerous items were found inside or outside of the school. Friday night’s school events were scheduled to proceed.

Hillsborough police are investigating.