TRENTON - The acting state attorney general joined Trenton police, the Mercer County prosecutor and other law enforcement agencies to announce a multi-agency plan they say will help combat rising gun violence in Trenton.

The announcement follows a police-involved shooting Thursday that left a suspect dead and two detectives injured.

The initiative has two parts. The first puts more state police officers on the streets in the worst, most violent areas of Trenton. Officers hope to crack down on crime in part by being a visual deterrent, but also to gather information that could help them solve other violent crimes.

The other part of the plan is a promise from the Mercer County prosecutor to aggressively sentence the most serious offenders, keeping them off the streets longer.

"Despite the best efforts of a dedicated and highly professional Trenton Police Department, rampant gun violence is a daily concern in this city," says acting Attorney General John Hoffman. "The good people have simply lived in fear too long."

There have been 29 murders in Trenton so far this year, which is more than all of last year. The attorney general says the city is quickly getting close to beating the record of 31 murders in 2005.