TRENTON - Trenton city officials say that they are fed up with the amount of trash that fills the city streets.

Trenton Councilwoman Phyllis Holly-Ward says that the last straw was when her home was invaded by mice because of garbage in neighboring yards.

Councilwoman Ward and several other community leaders are calling for more code enforcement and for residents to clean up after themselves.

“When we go and clean up the various communities, often times people sit on their porch and watch us clean up in front of their house and don't move,” says Trenton resident Octavia Sutphin.

Officials say the trash also comes from outside the neighborhoods. Pipe Alley in Trenton is a small street known for illegal dumping. News 12 New Jersey saw many trash bags and even an old leather chair littering the alley.

Trenton Director of Health and Human Services James Brownlee promises action and says that his inspectors will be on the lookout for health and trash violations.

The Trenton Health Department is expected to deal with the rodent problem near Councilwoman Ward’s home Friday.