TRENTON - U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx says he wants New York and New Jersey to support building a new rail tunnel across the Hudson River.

Foxx sent a letter to Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday asking to meet with them to discuss a new crossing. In the wake of the recent transit delays affecting Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains, many feels this is the perfect time to discuss the topic.

Click here to read Secretary Foxx's letter.

New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman John Wisniewski says not only should rail riders be in favor of the plan, but also those who drive in the state.

"If those trains are not running under the Hudson River, that means people who go to work every day either coming from New York to New Jersey or the other way around are going to need to find other ways," says Wisniewski.

Gov. Christie says he will meet with Gov. Cuomo and members of the federal government to discuss the plan.

Sen. Wisniewski says the funds to support the new tunnel would have to come from somewhere. He suggests raising the gas tax. Recent polling shows this is an unfavorable idea in many people's eyes.

A previous proposal to build a new rail tunnel in 2010 was scrapped by Gov. Christie.