MIDDLETOWN - The rough winter that left New Jersey's roadways full of potholes is still showing its ugly face.

Burton and Patricia Page know all about the lingering pothole problem on New Jersey roadways. The couple was supposed to be moving into their new home in Keansburg today, but instead are waiting for a tire repair.

"We hit a pothole and it messed up the sidewalls to our tires, so we got to get a new one," says Burton Page. 

"The potholes are getting bigger," says Patricia Page. "If they're not fixing them, they're getting bigger. They're getting worse."

Municipalities are working on repairs, but this winter was worse than usual when it came to potholes.  Fixes are also taking up money and time many towns don't have. 

In Middletown, the business administrator plans to contract out some of the pothole repair work. It's something he says they normally wouldn't do, but this year there are so many potholes they can't keep up.

Town officials say their new budget includes $300,000 for pothole repair, which is about six times more than the usual $50,000 to $70,000. The town should begin permanent repairs in June.   

"It's still coming out of our pocket," says Burton Page. "It's the tax payer who are paying for it. Pay for it. Simple. You get it done, you got no more worries."

AAA has a website where drivers can report persistent potholes.