ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP - A previous Kane in Your Corner investigation showed that officials in Rockaway Township handed out the Social Security numbers of everyone they'd ever done business with.

The man that the town gave the records to, Tucker Kelley, says that the town is now suing him. Kelley says he was shocked to learn Rockaway Township was suing. Kelley received the Social Security numbers after he asked for the town records on spending. The town gave Kelley 15,000 pages filled with confidential information, including the Social Security numbers of the fire chief, local prosecutors and two local judges.

Kelley notified the town of the mistake and asked town officials to delete the files from his computer. He has a written certification letter saying that the files were deleted.

Two months after, Rockaway Township officials sued Kelley and demanded he turn over his laptop so the town could search it more thoroughly for any files that may had been missed. A judge turned down the request and the town said it wanted Kelley to sign a sworn statement that he didn't copy the files or share them.

Kelley believes town officials are retaliating against him for going public with their mistake. The town administrator says he's just trying to be thorough.