TOMS RIVER - Some animal lovers in Ocean County are concerned about the fate of a colony of feral cats and are afraid the animals will be euthanized.

Several Toms River residents have been feeding the colony of feral cats in a wooded area near the end of Cranberry and Heather roads.

However, several other residents have complained to Toms River officials about the cats and want them removed from the land, known as the E.B. Leone Conservation Area.

The residents who have been feeding the animals fear they will be trapped and put down. Instead, they would like to see a trap-neuter-release program, which would vaccinate and neuter the cats and then return them to the woods.

When asked about the T-N-R program, the head of the Toms River Animal Shelter and Animal Control says "We're in the early stages of our investigation. We must speak with the owner of this property before a plan could be put in place."

A spokesperson for Ocean County tells News 12 New Jersey that they have been in contact with the Toms River Health Department to determine the best course of action for the cats.