TOMS RIVER - (AP) - New Jersey officials have revoked themedical license of an oncologist they say committed "gross andrepeated acts of negligence" that led to an outbreak of hepatitisB among his patients.

The Star-Ledger newspaper reports thatthe state Board of Medical Examiners on Wednesday revoked ParvezDara's license for four years and charged him $30,000 in civilpenalties. His license already had been suspended for 2½ years,meaning he can reapply in 18 months.

Prosecutors said conditions at Dara's office were rife forspreading infections. They say at least 29 of his patients havebeen infected with hepatitis B, a virus that affects the liver.

Dara's lawyer, Peter Korn, said evidence that the cases ofhepatitis were linked was based on "flawed medical science."

The state had warned more than 5,000 patients at Dara's TomsRiver office to get tested.