CAMDEN - Prosecutors say they will not file charges against a man who was caught on video putting a toddler inside a washing machine at a Camden Laundromat. The video has since gone viral around the world.

Camden police have identified the two adults in the video with the toddler as his baby sitter and her boyfriend. Kong Eng, the manager of the Federal Laundromat, says the man was playing a game with the boy when the washing machine's door locked. The child was trapped inside as the washing machine began a cleaning cycle.

Eng cut power to the entire row of machines and was able to open the door and pull the boy out. The couple took the boy to the hospital, where he was treated for minor bruising.

The prosecutor's office says it will not file charges against the couple, but confirmed that the case has been turned over to the Department of Youth and Family Services.

To view the video of the toddler trapped in the washing machine, click iO Extra on Channel 612.