EDISON - New Jersey is facing another hazy, hot and humid day as temperatures are expected to climb to near 100 degrees.

"The best way to avoid heat stroke is to drink plenty of fluids, stay in cool places and avoid over exerting yourself," said Health and Senior Services Commissioner Mary O?Dowd in a news release today. "Extreme heat and humidity can be especially dangerous to the elderly, young children and persons taking certain medications."

State police officials offered the following tips for dealing with the heat:

- Stay indoors in air conditioning as much as possible- If you do go outside stay in the shade- If your home is not air conditioned, spend at least two hours daily at an air conditioned mall, library or other public place- Wear sunscreen outside, along with loose fitting light colored clothes that cover as much skin as possible- Drink water regularly even if you are not thirsty. Limit alcohol, and sugary drinks which speeds dehydration- Never leave children or pets alone in the car- Avoid exertion during the hottest part of the day- Take a cool shower or bath- Be a good neighbor, check on the elderly and people with disabilities in your community who may need assistance keeping cool