AVON-BY-THE-SEA - Temperatures in the 90s over the last two days have brought "sea walnuts," or "salps," to the Jersey Shore.

"Sea walnuts" or "salps" are tiny jellyfish that don't sting like their larger counterparts. They've been spotted from Sandy Hook to Cape May. While they may not sting, it can feel like you're swimming in vegetable soup if you swim when they're around.

News 12 New Jersey spoke to beachgoers who said that they could feel the "salps" swim through their fingers while they were in the water and that they were slimy and sticky.

The "sea walnuts" have two little antennae. They will likely only be a temporary annoyance for beachgoers. When cooler temperatures move in at the end of the week, they're expected to head back out to sea.