BRICK - One of New Jersey’s lawmakers believes drivers are getting shortchanged at the parking meter and wants to see new legislation to fight it.

State Assemblyman Ronald Dancer believes that some parking meters are expiring before the time has actually run out. He wants to see a law created that would allow people to dispute the parking ticket.

“Right now there’s not a procedure or standard for anyone to appeal the accuracy or inaccuracy of parking meters,” says Dancer. “Under this legislation people will now have the opportunity appeal if they feel that the parking meter short-timed them.”

Under the proposed legislation, if a driver believes the parking meter ran out before time was up, they can dispute it and the meter will be inspected. If the meter is found to be inaccurate, the driver would not have to pay.

However if it is found that the driver was in the wrong, they will be responsible for paying for the fine, as well as paying for the cost of the inspection, which could cost about $45.

Dancer hopes the bill will be heard in a committee meeting in November.