JERSEY CITY - Officials expect thousands of New Jerseyans with warrants on their records to turn themselves in this week as part of Fugitive Safe Surrender, and prosecutors say they will give them the best deal possible if they do.

The Armory in Jersey City is being turned into a giant processing center for the program, and as many as 4,000 people are expected there between Wednesday and Saturday.

Prosecutors are encouraging those with nonviolent offenses to come forward and promise almost everyone will get their case resolved on the spot. "There will be defense attorneys available, then they will in fact see a judge - whether it's a municipal court judge or superior court judge," says David Thomas, of the New Jersey State Parole Board.

Anyone interested in Safe Surrender should go to Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church on Montgomery Street in Jersey City between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.