OCEAN TOWNSHIP - An Ocean Township mother is accused of snatching school documents from her son's file after being denied a copy of them.

Thomasina Lloyd is facing robbery charges after she allegedly went to the Board of Education demanding copies of her son's entire file from Wanamassa Elementary School.  

Lloyd was given some papers, police say, but denied others. Lloyd is accused of then pushing a school employee, grabbing the notes and taking off. The district called 911, and she was arrested nearby. According to police, the employee at the Board of Education was not hurt.

"The documents that this individual was requesting were not academic records," says Superintendent John Lysko. "They were the administrator's notes about a series of meetings to accommodate this parent."
According to Lysko, the district's policy is clear: teacher or administrator notes are off limits to parents. 

On the phone, Lloyd told News 12 New Jersey she is getting a lawyer and wouldn't answer any questions until she got legal advice.

Other residents were mixed on whether parents should  have access to such materials.

"If something was going on with my child I would want to know," says Inasha Fostner, of Neptune. "But as far as snatching, she shouldn't have snatched though. I think she should have asked, then taken it to the board."
"Whether it be a doctor's office, a school, whatever it is, I see no reason for them not to give it to her," says Ocean Township grandmother Joyce Disbrow. 

"Grabbing it, on the other hand, might be a little over the top," says Joel Morse, of Spring Lake.