NEWARK - Greater Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Newark was broken into over the weekend.

The suspects not only stole from the church, they also ransacked a food pantry.

Shortly before Sunday school and service, church trustee John Williams opened the front door and thought the roof caved in after seeing all the debris but then spotted footprints.

"I was hurt when I came in and I saw all the damage that they did,” says Williams. “I was really hurt."

Williams says the suspects first tried to get through the window and bent some iron bars. When that didn't work, they sawed through the roof and jumped inside.

They then made their way down to the food pantry after not finding any money in the church. They stole some canned goods and meat.

Officials believe this is the work of people they've helped before.

"Someone probably here looking for food and they decided to come back,” says Williams. “Maybe scoping the place out when they came."

Officials are now looking at security cameras and alarms. 

The church doesn't know exactly how much damage was done. They're waiting for the insurance company to assess that.