FLEMINGTON - Curtain Up Productions plans to renovate a building on Main Street in Flemington for its productions.

Ginny Brennan believes her theater company is just the ticket for this mostly empty building in downtown Flemington.

“And we're a theatre company that's ready to move in!" says Brennan.

She's trying to convince the Flemington City Council to go along with her idea to make this the new home for her Curtain Up Productions, now located in Lambertville.

“We're working with a local architect," says Brennan.

She also says the building needs a lot of repairs.

“There were law offices and a dental office, which are now abandoned, and the third floor is just a big open space," says Brennan.

Since the recession hit in 2008, more vacant buildings have popped up in Flemington. Some residents believe visiting theater audiences would encourage more shops and restaurants to open.

The building is owned by the town, which gave up plans to turn it into a city hall years ago. Flemington's Mayor Phil Greiner likes the idea of a theater.

“If you put a theater in here, everybody is immediately next door to the stores and the restaurants," says Griener.

Brennan is hoping an agreement can be worked out because the next step is raising the money to do it.