JACKSON - Six Flag Great Adventure’s newest roller coaster had to be shut down for repairs hours after it opened for preview riding.

According to a spokesperson for the theme park, one of the trains on The Joker 4-D roller coaster was rocking too much and came into the station in a reclined position.

No one was injured, but the park did decide to stop running rides on The Joker for the day. Guests who were waiting for the ride preview were given passes to come back another day and not wait in line.

News 12 New Jersey was given a special preview of the new coaster Thursday morning. News 12’s Don Smith rode The Joker with Tim Baldwin, editor of Roller Coaster Magazine.

Baldwin says that he has been on more than 1,000 coasters in his lifetime. He says everyone has to experience the coaster.

"Expect the unexpected, you can sit in different positions on the ride, you go in both directions, you spin out of control. It is just madness on rails" says Baldwin.

Baldwin also says Six Flags Great Adventure has the biggest collection of roller coasters in the Northeast.

The Joker is expected to officially open to the public Saturday.