NEW YORK - Hundreds of people have spent the last nine months sailing around the globe, and their journey brought them to New Jersey and New York this week.

"The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race" navigates the world in an eleven-month marathon.

Meg Reilly, of Scotch Plains, traded in her public relations job on Madison Avenue for life on a sailboat. She finally got to see her family on Thursday, after sailing the world since September.

"I applied and next thing I know I am on a boat," Reilly says. "The sailing hasn't been as hard as I expected...Really the challenges come from living on board and adjusting to a new lifestyle."

The race is designed for people from all walks of life, according to spokesperson Amy Martindale. "The crew are totally amateur when they start," she says. "We give them three weeks of training to be able to race around the world with us."

Some just spend a few weeks on board. A little more than 100 are left on the last leg of the race. Two of those people, including Reilly, on board for the entire race are from New Jersey.

The trip ends next month. "The finish is going to be a sad time, but I still love home and there is no better place than here," Reilly says. 

It is a race, and currently Reilly's team is in first place.