New Jersey State Police offer these tips to Increase your travel safety this holiday season:

* Make sure your cell phone is fully charged
* Carry a flashlight with new batteries.
* Bring bottles of water and snacks such as protein bars.
* Insist that all vehicle occupants use seatbelts.
* Don’t drive drowsy. The symptoms of driving tired are similar to those of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Make sure you get enough rest. Use service areas to pull over, stretch your legs, or grab a cup of coffee.
* Steer clear of “road ragers.” Challenging an aggressive driver for a position is a dangerous way to get to your destination a few seconds sooner.
* Use a designated driver. If alcohol figures into your Thanksgiving plans, plan to have one driver stay sober.
* Prepare before you drive. Map your route; fill your tank; check your tire pressure, lights and wiper blades. These simple steps may save you more than just time on the highways.

More than 100 additional state troopers will be supplementing the usual patrols. These troopers are looking for specific violations that lead to crashes, including driving while intoxicated, aggressive driving, and using handheld phones/tablets.