NEW BRUNSWICK - Witnesses testifying in the cold case murder trial of Michelle Lodzinki testified Thursday that there is no DNA evidence linking her to the murder of her son Timothy Wiltsey.

New Jersey State Police forensic scientist Ed Gainesborg testified that hairs found on a pillowcase and blanket found near the skeletal remains of the boy were inconclusive when matched against Lodzinski’s hair now.

Gainesborg testified that the DNA could have been corrupted due to time and contamination from sunlight, water or animals.

The prosecutor has always told the jury that there would be no DNA evidence linking Lozinski to the murder. They hope that Lodzinski's many conflicting stories she told to investigators about how her son disappeared will be enough to convict her.

Lodzinski initially told police that her son vanished from a carnival in Sayreville. She then told police that two men took her son. Police always suspected she was responsible for his death, but did not formally charge her until last year.

The trial is set to resume Friday.