STATEN ISLAND - A former Linden police officer charged in a deadly wrong way crash was back in Staten Island court Thursday, still awaiting the results of a blood test.

Officials say that Pedro Abad was drunk while driving home after a night at a Staten Island strip club with three other friends. Two of them were also Linden police officers. The group crashed into a tractor-trailer while traveling the wrong way on the highway. Two of the passengers were killed in the crash.

Abad’s attorney is asking for the case to be thrown out.

“The first officer at the scene stated that he sees no evidence of alcohol being involved,” says defense attorney Mario Gallucci. “There's no odor of alcohol on Pedro Abad."

Gallucci also says that the medical examiner hasn’t turned over blood samples to be tested for GHB, also known as the date rape drug, which causes drowsiness. Gallucci suggests that his client was drugged prior to the crash.

The judge is expected to rule on requests by Abad’s attorney by Sept. 8.

Family members of some of the men who died say that this prolonged process is adding to their grief.

“It’s horrible. I’m tired of this. Tired of this and disgusted,” says Rosanne Rodriguez. Her brother Joseph Rodriguez died in the crash. “It’s torture that I have to see [Abad.] It’s torture.”

Abad faces vehicular homicide, manslaughter and more than two dozen other charges.