LUBBOCK, Texas - (AP) - A college student from Saudi Arabia isexpected to appear in U.S. federal court in Texas on Friday, a dayafter he was charged with attempted use of a weapon of massdestruction.

The Justice Department says Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari boughtexplosive chemicals online as part of a plan to blow up dams,nuclear plants or the Dallas home of former President George W.Bush.

Aldawsari entered the U.S. in Oct. 2008 from Riyadh, SaudiArabia, to study chemical engineering at Texas Tech University. Hetransferred this year to nearby South Plains College, where he wasstudying business.

According to court documents, the 20-year-old Aldawsari wrote inhis personal journal that he had been planning an attack in theUnited States for years, even before coming to the U.S. Heallegedly said he was influenced by Osama bin Laden's speeches andthat he bemoaned the plight of Muslims.