ATLANTIC CITY - A Temple University student has filed a lawsuit that claims he was arrested and beaten by officers from the Atlantic City Police Department. 

The incident was captured on surveillance video in the early morning hours of June 15.

David Castellani says he was told to leave the Tropicana casino because he was under 21.  Following his arrest, the surveillance video purportedly shows several officers tackling him and hitting him with clubs.  The video also shows a police dog biting at Castellani's neck and dragging him to the curb.

"When the dog actually chomped on the back of my neck, I was also receiving blows to the back of my head with a fist," Castellani says.

Castellani and his parents have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city and the police department.  According to his family, he needed more than 200 stitches.

The police department says it is conducting an internal investigation.