BRIDGEWATER - Several teens are being lauded as heroes for helping their school bus driver after he suffered a medical emergency.

The bus was traveling along Route 22 West en route to the Somerset County Vocational and Technical School Wednesday morning when the bus driver started to drive erratically and missed the exit for the school.

According to Bridgewater police, the students on the bus told the driver that he missed the exit, but he did not respond to them and continued to drive erratically.

Student Gavin Costello, 15, was able to convince the driver to apply the brakes on the bus. The teen was then able to put the bus in park and pulled the emergency brake. Another student, Angelo Mel-tos, 18, was able to turn off the bus’s engine and removed the keys.

Another third student, Kala Wright, called 911 and helped to evacuate all the students off the bus.

The driver was taken to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and is in stable condition.

None of the students on the bus were injured.