JERSEY CITY - The Jersey City high school student arrested for allegedly shooting another student a block away from Dickinson High School has been identified.

Jefferson Sencion, 18, was arrested about an hour after the shooting occurred.

According to a spokesperson for Jersey City, a fight broke out at Dickinson High School Tuesday afternoon. Three students were injured during the fight.

The spokesperson says that the fight continued outside of the school, and a student was then shot in the leg about a block away from the school. The 17-year-old was not the intended target, according to police. He is expected to be OK.

Soon after the shooting, Jersey City police detectives received information that a person of interest in the shooting was at a Jefferson Avenue apartment. Sencion was identified as the shooter and arrested.  

He now faces a variety of weapons charges, as well as providing false information after he reportedly lied to detectives about his age.

Authorities do not believe that Sencion had the gun inside the school. Students have to go through a metal detector before going into the building. They are investigating how he reportedly was able to get the gun.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop blames a culture of gun violence in the community for the shooting.

"We used to live in a world where a fight in a school resulted in suspensions and fist fights, and the sad state of access to guns today, not only in Jersey City but across the country, means that youngsters and teenagers have access to guns and this one led to a shooting," he says.

Dickinson High School and St. Joseph’s Catholic School were on lockdown immediately after the shooting.