PATERSON - A defense attorney representing a teen connected to a video of a man being sucker-punched in the face has told News 12 New Jersey that his client will turn himself in to Paterson police on Tuesday.

Attorney Harley Breite says that he will walk his client into the Paterson Police Department around 12 p.m. The teen is accused of punching an older man in the face without provocation. Similar attacks have been known as the “knockout game.”

The unprovoked attack allegedly happened on Dec. 7 and was filmed and posted on social media sites. Paterson police became involved after the video went viral.

"This shameless act of violence was thoroughly investigated and the tireless efforts by the detectives involved is commendable,” Police Director Jerry Speziale said in a statement.

The 16-year-old Paterson teen accused of recording the attack turned himself in to police over the weekend.

State Sen. Tom Kean Jr. introduced legislation that would criminalize the recording and sharing of these types of knockout attacks in a bill proposed in 2013. On Feb. 5, he tweeted that he is still fighting to criminalize the filming of these types of attacks.

The victim's name has not been released. He was treated and released from St. Joseph's Hospital.