WALL TOWNSHIP - October marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.

Statistics show one in four women will experience pregnancy or infant loss in their lives.

Riki Milchman learned about the Washington state-based TEARS Foundation after losing her son Nathaniel. Milchman helped start the New Jersey chapter of the TEARS Foundation, now located in Wall Township.

"1,300 families every year, just in New Jersey, go through infant loss...every year," says Milchman.

Financially, TEARS assists families with the costs of burial, cremation and grave markers. 

Peer companions in the foundation help families emotionally, helping them through difficult and painful decisions.

Margaret Pilon runs a variety of different support groups. TEARS has a special group for those expecting or parenting after a loss. There is also a group for the siblings called Angel Clubhouse.

"When you walk in these doors, this is your safe place," says Pilon.

The TEARS Foundation hosts events like its annual Rock & Walk fundraiser that brings baby loss families together. The events give families the opportunity to raise awareness about the support and compassion bereaved parents need in the immediate months and beyond.

"They just need someone to sit there and listen and be present and be actively listening," says Pilon.

All of the money raised by the TEARS Foundation in New Jersey goes directly to families in the state.

Throughout the month of October, News 12 New Jersey will be sharing stories of the organizations in New Jersey that work to support families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.