TEANECK - CSX trains barrel through Teaneck at all hours of the day, but some residents say they are more upset when the trains remain stationary on the tracks.

Ehlbert Collins says it's normal for over a dozen trains to zoom past his home daily. He says he is most irritated when the trains sit idle on the tracks near his home while their engines remain active.

Other Teaneck residents have also bemoaned the pollution the trains emit into the air.

People in the community say they've been dealing with the problem for over 15 years.

Residents say more train traffic means more idling.

Teaneck's town council took up the issue Tuesday evening to come up with a resolution for the idling trains before approaching proper officials about their concerns.

While the council can ask for change, the town has no authority over the federal government's control on freight train traffic.

CSX says it has tried to curb the practice itself. The corporation has touted the fact that it spent $1.75 billionĀ over the last 10 years to improve fuel efficiency in its trains and cut greenhouse gas emissions.