TEANECK - Two Teaneck municipal workers were told to remove their military-style hats on Veterans Day because they were not part of their uniform.

Department of Public Works employee Mark Marshall wears a town-issued uniform, but in honor of Veterans Day, the 17-year Navy vet decided to wear his military hat. He was joined by a fellow veteran and co-worker.

Marshall says he wanted to show off his pride as a veteran. "It was Veterans Day," he says. "We're vets, career men, both of us. We spent a lot of time in the military."

A supervisor told the men the hats needed to be removed because they weren't part of the dress code.

Teaneck Town Manager William Broughton says the supervisor was enforcing the rules and that exceptions could have been made had the workers made a formal request.

"We have great respect and admiration for our veterans who have served our country," Broughton says. "Under the circumstances, common sense would prevail and they would be allowed to wear their military caps on Veterans Day."

After Monday's incident, Teaneck officials reviewed the policy and decided to change it. Starting next year, military servicemen and women will be allowed to wear military headdress on Veterans Day and other appropriate holidays.