EDISON - As Neptune Township Police Sgt. Phillip Seidle faces charges for allegedly killing his ex-wife, allegations of a troubled and violent marriage have surfaced.

Seidle is accused of fatally shooting his ex-wife Tamara Seidle Tuesday after chasing her for several miles in his car. The shooting happened on Sewall Street in Asbury Park. The Seidles' 7-year-old daughter witnessed the shooting.

Divorce papers filed by Tamara Seidle in 2013 were made public Thursday. The papers claim years of abuse and extreme cruelty against her by Sgt. Seidle.

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One of the examples in the papers claim Sgt. Seidle pointed a loaded gun at Tamara's head while she was pregnant and cocked it. He also allegedly kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

Tamara Seidle also claimed her husband punched her in the face after she confronted him about his cable pornography bills.

The papers claim Sgt. Seidle had several affairs, including one while Tamara was going through treatment for breast cancer.

The Seidles' divorce was finalized this past May. Sheila Fichtner, of Women Aware, an organization that provided domestic abuse services, says the end of a relationship can incite worse violence.

"We know that violence typically escalates when a couple is separating," she says.

The Seidles have nine children together. Tamara Seidle said in court papers that she stayed with her husband because she was paralyzed as a victim.