ORANGE - A break-in at a property in Orange on Saturday was done as a form of protest.

Suzie Johnson, her daughter and Congressional candidate Aaron Fraser broke the chains on her former home to make a point. After years of fighting what she called unfair foreclosure, she was kicked out of the home on Friday.

Johnson lived in the home for decades. She wanted to work something out with the banks, but it never happened.

The Johnson family says their problems began in 2003, when their original lender Washington Mutual shut down. A year's worth of payments were lost by the bank, which said it had no record of them.

Wells Fargo took over the account and said the family had not made payments for four years.

The Johnson family says the bank wouldn't take their money. Wells Fargo countered that by saying multiple bankruptcy filings hindered the Johnson's case.

Wells Fargo also said in a statement that the bank works to keep people in their homes whenever possible. They also say that there are simply situations where borrowers cannot afford to pay and the bank has to foreclose.