NEWARK - The four men charged in the murders of two Essex County teens pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

Brendan Tevlin, 19, and Cheyanne Bond, 17, were killed in separate incidents in late June.

Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, of Seattle, and two West Orange men, 19-year-old Jeremy Villagran and 18-year-old Eric Williams, were charged in Tevlin's death. The Livingston resident, who had just completed his first year at the University of Richmond, was found dead inside a vehicle on June 25.

Authorities believe Williams was the driver, pulling up behind Tevlin's SUV while Villagran and Brown approached on foot.

Investigators say Brown was the one who fired 10 shots into the car, hitting the college student eight times.

Brown was wanted by police in Washington in the shooting deaths of two young men. He faces aggravated murder charges and could face the death penalty if convicted.
Washington state authorities say a decision on which jurisdiction would try Brown first is likely to be made in a few days. A death penalty decision would come later.

Andre Fields, a 31-year-old Irvington resident, is accused of killing Bond in a street robbery just days after she graduated from high school. An iPhone was taken from her friend, who was also shot but survived. Bond was headed to college in September.

Police are still looking for an accomplice in the Bond case.

Bail was continued for all four men. It is set at $5 million for Brown and $1 million for each of the others.

The cases will now go to a grand jury. The prosecutor's office says it has yet to decide whether Brown, Villagran and Williams will be tried together or separately.

The victims' families left court without comment, but there were tears in the hallway after coming face to face with the accused.