CLIFTON - Authorities say that a man stole a Nutley police cruiser Friday morning and led police on a chase that ended in a crash in Clifton.

Nutley police say officers were responding to reports of a carjacking on Cathedral Avenue around 9 a.m. While the officer was speaking with the victims, they say the suspect suddenly appeared, attacked the officer and stole the cruiser.

Officials say police immediately began to chase him along Passaic Avenue. The suspect tried to get onto the Route 3 ramp, but it appears he crashed into the front of a white SUV in Clifton.

A witness tells News 12 New Jersey that he at first thought it was a truck accident because he says that they frequently happen in the area.

“I saw some guy with no shirt running down Passaic Ave back towards Nutley.  Cops chasing him, it was a cop car right in the middle.  I think they cornered him on Route 3, I could see them Macing him.  He kept kicking and trying, and they finally subdued him,” says Tony Sanchez, who works in the area.

Sanchez says that the driver of the SUV appeared to be OK.

The suspect was taken into custody. His name was not released.

Police say that the Nutley police officer who was attacked by the suspect is now being treated at the hospital.