MORRISTOWN - A Randolph man accused of killing his father to obtain money for drugs admitted to the murder during his first court appearance in Morristown today.

Prosecutor Robert Bianchi says the suspect, Brendon Matos, was so desperate for cash that he killed his own father, Nelson Matos, for the key to his safe. Bianchi says details of the murder are so heartless, even he was stunned.

According to Bianchi, Matos said last Tuesday, he and his father were chatting about golf in the kitchen. When his father turned his back to wash dishes, Matos allegedly walked up behind him and shot him in the head.

In his first court appearance, Matos admitted that he killed his father three days before police discovered the body. Bianchi says Matos returned to the house twice while his father lay dead on the floor, went on a drug binge and stayed at motels with women.

Matos was captured Friday while hiding in the bushes of Greystone Psychiatric Hospital after the money he allegedly stole from his dad ran out. Son charged with killing his father in Randolph