ELIZABETH - The suspect in the bombings that rattled New Jersey and Manhattan last weekend remains hospitalized, officials say.

Federal agents remain posted outside the Elizabeth home and business of Ahmad Khan Rahami and his family. The investigation has not slowed as authorities pour over evidence related to the bombings and Rahami's alleged involvement.

Much of the investigators' attention remains focused on the family home's backyard, where it is alleged that Rahami tested his bombs. At one point Saturday, agents stationed at the home on Elmora Avenue looked through the family mail as it was delivered.

On Friday, the suspect's father, Mohammad Rahami, and family members were seen returning home after being questioned by authorities. Several family members kept their heads covered and none wanted to speak with reporters.

The Guardian is reporting that Rahami spent time in a religious seminary in Pakistan affiliated with the Afghan Taliban during visits to Pakistan in 2011 and 2013.

In a conversation with the Associated Press about his son's trips, Mohammad Rahami said, "I found a change in his personality... His mind was not the same. He had become bad and I don't know what caused it, but I informed the FBI about it."

The FBI has refuted claims that Rahami's father offered such specifics about his son's alleged radicalization.

Ahmad Rahami remains hospitalized in Newark. He is being treated for seven gunshot wounds that he sustained in a shootout as he was captured by authorities in Linden on Monday.