HARRISON - Police in Hudson and Essex counties are searching the Passaic River for a suspect.

Newark police say that the suspect ran from a traffic stop in Harrison around 1 p.m. He apparently dove into the river and swam across in an effort to get away from police.

Local and state law enforcement departments were called in to help search the river.

Officials say that at one point the suspect climbed onto a support for the Bridge Street Bridge, but then dove back into the water and made his way to a storm drain. The authorities do not believe he ever came out of the storm drain.

State police and Newark Fire Department boats stayed at the mouth of the drain to potentially see if the suspect returned.

After several hours law enforcement officials called off the search.

The Passaic Valley Sewer Commission also came to help in the search. Special equipment was brought in to search the sewers.

Harrison police did not immediately release any information about who the suspect is or why he was pulled over by officers.