JERSEY CITY - (AP) - A student at a Caribbean medical schoolcharged with murdering a classmate from Jersey City, N.J., is beingheld under psychiatric observation on the island of Curacao.

Curacao police say Moustapha Khalesa stabbed 24-year-old Kan MeiChan to death in a Caribbean Medical University dorm Friday as sherushed to help a professor who police say Khalesa had also stabbed.

Khalesa is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and had recentlytransferred from an Egyptian medical school. Chan attended RutgersUniversity before moving to Curacao for medical school.

Curacao Prosecutor Gillano Schoop tells the Jersey Journal thatdoctors believe Khalesa will be able to give a statement within afew days.

State Department official Winnie Hofstetter says Chan's bodyremains at the coroner's office pending an autopsy.