TRENTON - A statewide survey of New Jersey’s drivers says that conditions on the state’s road and bridges have gotten worse in recent years.

The survey, conducted by the state along with AAA, asked 600 New Jersey drivers what they thought about their commutes. Of those surveyed, 45 percent said that their ride has gotten worse.

Commuters in Central Jersey rated their commutes the lowest.  The state's toll roads were given the highest marks by drivers.

“Sixty-three percent of people rated their road conditions as either fair or poor,” says Cathleen Lewis, of AAA. “At the end of the day, people think that their roads need work.”

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney says that the study is a good indicator that the state should put more money into fixing roads and bridges.

“That’s why your commutes are getting longer. The roads are deteriorating, bridges are closed, and people have to go around them,” Sen. Sweeney says.

Democratic leaders want to see about $2 billion go into fixing the state’s bridges and roads. Sweeney wants to double the money already going to towns and counties to keep local roads from getting worse.

Many drivers tell News 12 New Jersey that cracking asphalt and potholes are major issues.