PATERSON - The owner of a cash-for-gold store in Paterson says two young men broke into his store and made off with goods and gold last Thursday night.

His surveillance cameras caught the entire crime, in which two men can be seen using a brick to smash through the front door of Cash Converters at around 4 a.m. At one point, one of the suspects appears to pull out a gun with a silencer attached. The owner spoke to News 12 off-camera since he says he fears for his life.

He adds that the two men surveyed the store early last week and came back to ransack it. The incident marks the second time the owner has fallen victim to theft.

In June, surveillance cameras caught a robbery at another cash-for-gold shop on Central Avenue in Newark..

The owner of the Paterson store says he's concerned the next break-in will lead to violence against him, but he's showing the faces of these men since he's worried they will come back.

Anyone who recognizes the people involved in the break-in should call Paterson police.