PATERSON - Supporters of Salvador Rosario gathered at the steps of Paterson City Hall this afternoon to demand answers after the 39-year-old was shot and killed by police over the weekend.

Rosario's family is distraught, saying Rosario had epilepsy and emotional problems, and did not understand police commands in English.

Rosario's family says they called police on Saturday to come and help Rosario after he locked himself in a room with a hammer. Rosario had the hammer in his hand when he made a move and was shot by police. His family insists that Rosario never posed any real threat.

Police are permitted to use lethal force if they feel threatened by someone with a weapon.

Rosario's family wants the officers involved to be arrested. The Passaic County Prosecutor's Office says the situation is being reviewed.

Police kill man after he barricades himself in room with hammer