PATERSON - Several superheroes traded in their capes for some squeegees Monday as they took time out of crime fighting to wash windows at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson.

Superman, Spiderman, and Batman washed windows outside the pediatric unit, waving and blowing kisses to the young patients inside.

The stunt was a surprise to entertain kids battling serious medical conditions at the hospital.

Hospital officials say the young audience was thrilled.

"They've gotten involved with the kids and the kids are so really happy, something totally unexpected for them to see," says Dr. Michael Lamacchia, chairman of pediatrics at St. Joseph’s. "They expect to see doctors and nurses and everyone else but never superheroes. So it's a special day for them."

Everyone at St. Joseph’s hopes the superheroes gave the kids some super power to fight and conquer their illnesses.