KEANSBURG - It's the unofficial start of summer and many were taking it all in at the Keansburg Amusement Park. 

With winter firmly in the past, summer stories are set to begin. Jaden Kinnehan is celebrating his 10th birthday and kicking off Memorial Day weekend with games and rides.

"I like going to Keansburg because it's fun, it's enjoyable, and today it's not very crowded," says Jaden's mother. "We can go on every ride we want with the wrist band we got."

There are also stories of survival.  Struck by cystic fibrosis, winter meant getting used to new lungs and a new lease on life for Emily Gorsky. "So this is my first summer and we just went on our first roller coaster," she says.

Some say some summer becomes official when the fun begins. "I love summer in New Jersey," says A.J. Garcia. "The shore with my friends hanging out. I'd rather spend summer here than in Florida."

Keansburg Amusement Park will be open all weekend, including Memorial Day.