KEANSBURG - Just when you thought summer was winding down, September began with oppressive heat across the state.

The place to be Tuesday was the Runaway Rapids water park in Keansburg. There were lines to get on slides and traffic on the Lazy River. The water was frigid, but it was apparently all worth it. 

"It's been awesome," says Alex Duenis, of Staten Island, who was spending the day with his daughter. "She's been on the water rides, the slides, the whole time we've been here."

Krystal Garner says the park was a little crowded. "Everyone obviously had the same thing in their mind as me," she says.

Keansburg is still rebuilding from Sandy, and homeowners are sweating their way through renovation on their homes.

"It's no choice," says Jorge Vela. "You have to, you have to do that if you want to finish the house. I have been trying since Sandy. It's almost two years."

The rising temperatures are a reminder that heat can be dangerous. After a report of poor conditions at Hillside Boarding House in Dover Township which caters to veterans, State Sen. Dick Codey went along with health inspectors for a visit.

Codey found the inside temperature there was 96 degrees. "Filth all over. You would never want your loved ones to live in a place like this," he says.

The facility was sited for violations and at least some of those men are expected to be moved to safer place.