ELIZABETH - A father in Elizabeth is livid over the unconventional method a substitute teacher allegedly used to enforce "quiet time" in the classroom.

Munford Henderson says the teacher used "hobby" tape to tape his daughter's mouth shut. His daughter, Angelique Correa Henderson, 9, says the teacher became frustrated because she and the other students were talking too much. The third grader says the substitute teacher pulled out two rolls of tape, one clear and one pink "hobby" tape, and put the pink tape over her mouth and the mouths of other students.

Angelique Correa Henderson says the tape was so wide that breathing became difficult.

"It was very hard, because it almost covered my nose," she says.

When her father heard what happened, he contacted his daughter's regular teacher, who then notified the vice principal at Winfield Scott School No. 2.  The Elizabeth School District says it notified state authorities about the incident and filed a report with Elizabeth police.