ESSEX COUNTY - A traffic study done by a New Jersey group aims to calm traffic and improve pedestrian access on one of the busiest roads in the northern part of the state.

Together North Jersey took a look at traffic along five miles of Bloomfield Avenue between Newark and Verona and found nearly 26,000 vehicles travel on that section of the road every day.

The study found 80 percent of vehicles were speeding along the section of Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. In Bloomfield, the main problem was congestion. James McCrone of the Bloomfield Center Alliance says the study is a first step to making changes.

"I don't know that you would see less traffic,” he says.  “I think you would see traffic patterns that were smarter, safer."

The first step will be improving safety at several intersections along the stretch. Long term solutions will include planting trees, and adding textured roadways to slow traffic down.